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Coal Material Introduction

coal beds or coal seams

coal beds or coal seams

Coal is a combustible black or brownish-black sedimentary rock usually occurring in rock strata in layers or veins called coal beds or coal seams. The harder forms, such as anthracite coal, can be regarded as metamorphic rock because of later exposure to elevated temperature and pressure. Coal is composed primarily of carbon along with variable quantities of other elements, chiefly hydrogen, sulfur, oxygen, and nitrogen.

coal crushing, coal mining plant

Coal crushing process is the important coal processing in coal energy industry. SBM offer the complete coal mining equipments in the coal crushing process. Coal crushing plant acts as the key crushing plant in this process.

Primary coal crusher works in the first stage of coal crushing process. Coal raw materials are firstly poured into vibrating feeder, which they will be fed into primary coal crusher continuously and evenly. Primary crusher is usually jaw crusher or impact crusher, producing lump coal cinder.

Secondary coal crusher crushes the lump coal cinder transported by coal conveyor. Secondary coal crusher usually includes hydraulic impact crusher, cone crusher and JC jaw crusher. It produces sand size coal particlc which can be used in pretreatment of coal directly.

Tertiary coal crusher resizes coal particlc into coal powder. Tertiary crusher is used in special occasions like the coal grinding mill has special requirements on the feeding size. Cone crusher can act as the tertiary coal crusher because of its fine final outlets.

coal plant 250 tph - 300 tph

Coal Crushing & Grinding

coal crusher

coal mill


Coal is divided into 14 categories. Lignite, long flame coal, non-caking coal, weakly caking coal, 1/2 caking coal, gas coal, gas and fat coal, 1/3 coking coal, fat coal, coking coal, lean coal, meager lean coal, lean coal and anthracite .

Can be divided into different categories according to the structure of the rock, candle coal, Fusain, dark coal, bright coal and vitrinite. Containing more than 95% vitrinite vitrinite coal surface bright, solid structure, containing the vitrinite and light quality for bright coal with the coarse dark coal, containing Fusinite Fusain by many small spore-forming particles cannel.


The coal is distributed in Algeria,Botswana,Egypt,Madagascar,Malawi,Morocco,Mozambique,Niger,Nigeria,South Africa,Swaziland,Tanzania,Zambia,Zimbabwe,India,China,Russia,Kazakhstan,Indonesia,USA,Canada,Mexico,Argentina,Brazil ,Chile,Colombia,Peru,Venezuela.


Coal has many important uses worldwide. The most significant uses are in electricity generation, steel production, cement manufacturing and as a liquid fuel. Around 6.6 billion tonnes of hard coal were used worldwide last year and 1 billion tonnes of brown coal. Since 2000, global coal consumption has grown faster than any other fuel.

Other important users of coal include alumina refineries, paper manufacturers, and the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Coal Processing

picture of double stage coal crushing plant

picture of double stage
coal crushing plant

Open-pit mining

Open-pit mining refers to the exploitation of coal seam exposed after removing the topsoil and rock above the coal (overburden). The coal mining method is customarily called stripping method since the outcrops of coal have been mined and exhausted, it\'s necessary to strip the topsoil and make the coal seam apparent.

Drift Mining

Drift mining is used to access a range of minerals like gold, coal, quartz, and zinc. It poses high economical means of recovery than other more invasive types of underground mining that entail digging up through rock. Sub-horizontal and horizontal tunnels excavated the side of a mountain or hill, given the common name of a drift, are normally driven at an incline or just beneath the vein so that gravity may better assist in the carrying of material out of the mine. Once tunnels are driven, they may be utilized for haulage, ventilation, and exploration of further possible mineral or coal seams. Material is normally mined and taken out using long wall mining, mines , flow or room and pillar mining methods and nonstop mining equipment.

Ball Mill used in coal mining

Coal Ball Mill machine is an important auxiliary equipment for coal-powder furnace, and it has three methods to crush the coal lump and grind them into powder,like crushing, impacting and grinding. Air swept Coal Ball Mill is the main equipment in cement plant for both drying and grinding of the powders. Compared with the ordinary ball mill, it has advantages of higher capacity, more convenient operation, safer usage, and more reliable performance.

Coal Processing Plant Line

NO. Equipment Model Motor(KW) Number
  Hopper LC3000X4000   1
I Vibrating Feeder ZSW-490×130 22 1
II Jaw crusher PE-900×1200 110 1
III Impact crusher PF1315 180 1
Vibrating screen 3YA2160 30 1
Total Power (KW) 552

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Coal Processing Project Video

Video of coal mining project is an open pit mine located in Nigeria, announced by mining company

This coal mining project is an open pit mine located in Nigeria, announced by mining company - Western Goldfields - that it has discovered 62,400,000 tonnes of proven reserves of coal deposits worth US$1.2 billion which could be used for the generation of electric power.

Coal provides one of the best alternative sources of energy for Nigeria due to its availability, easy usage and high heat emission. Therefore it's extremely important to choose best suitable coal mining project solution.

We have cooperative with them to provide series of coal mining equipment including coal crushers, coal mills, screening plant,mobile coal crusher,roll crusher and the whole coal processing plant design. The whole project went smoothly and the cooperation will continue.

Coal Processing Manufacturer

Chinese SBM is a professional coal preparation plant process designer and coal equipment manufacturer in Shanghai, China. Been located in the commercial center and having worked on this field over 3o years, shibang can design better solution and supply high quality for clients. We have cooperated with clients from over 130 countries, such as India, America, Australia, South Africa, Canada, Malaysia, Dubai, and so on. The “fast profit-returning” project that are processing will give customer great help with less money but better service.

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Coal has an important role to play in meeting the demand for a secure energy supply. Coal is abundant and widespread. It is present in almost every country in the world with commercial mining taking place in over 50. Coal is the most abundant and economical of fossil fuels. At current production levels coal will be available for at least the next 118 years - compared to 46 years for oil and 59 years for gas. Indigenous coal resources enable economic development and can be transformed to guard against import dependence and price shocks.

coal mill in power plant with images

coal mill in power
plant with images

Coal is also readily available from a wide variety of sources in a well-supplied worldwide market. It can be transported to demand centres quickly, safely and easily by ship and rail. A large number of suppliers are active in the international coal market, ensuring competitive behaviour and efficient functioning. Coal can also be easily stored at power stations and stocks can be drawn on in emergencies. Unlike gaseous, liquid or intermittent renewable sources, coal can be stockpiled at the power station and stocks drawn on to meet demand.

Coal is also an affordable source of energy. Coal prices have historically been lower and more stable than oil and gas prices and it is likely to remain the most affordable fuel for power generation in many developed and industrialising countries for several decades.

Coal-based electricity is well-established and highly reliable. Over 41% of global electricity is currently based on coal. The generation technologies are well-established and technical capacity and human expertise is widespread. Ongoing research activities ensure that this capacity is continually being improved and expanded, facilitating innovation in energy efficiency and environment performance.

Coal can also be used as an alternative to oil. The development of a coal to liquids industry can serve to hedge against oil-related energy security risks. Using domestic coal reserves, or accessing the relatively stable international coal market, can allow countries to minimise their exposure to oil price volatility while providing the liquid fuels needed for economic growth.

Technology Standard

Coal processing is necessary in coal usage and supplying right size coal ores for coal industry. Coal processing is also the important coal mining equipment which process coal with crushing, grinding, conveying and screening, etc.

Coal processing plants include coal grinding mill, coal crushing plant, coal screening plant and coal belt conveyor, etc and SBM supply all kinds of those coal processing plants.

Coal crusher is widely used in the coal crushing process. As technology developed, now we have many types of coal crushers, including jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher and portable crushing and screening plant. SBM supply a whole set of coal crushing production line to coal processing industry.

Coal mill is the most important coal processing plant as coal is usually fed into fire power plant to generate energy. SBM vertical coal mill is the one we designed for coal pulverizing and is featured with high capacity, high efficiency and long service time. Ball mill, hammer mill and other coal grinding equipments are also widely used in cola processing.

Coal screening plant is one kind of coal selecting and purifying equipments. Coal screening plant helps to separate the right size coal granules we need from those not passable. SBM vibrating screen is welcomed during coal crushing and coal grinding process.

Coal belt conveyor acts as the transporting part and joint in coal processing production line and so it is necessary during coal processing. SBM coal belt conveyor is rubber belt conveyor and runs in the circumstance temperature range from -20℃ to +40℃. SBM coal belt conveyor can work with both outdoor and downhole operation.

Coal crushing and screening plant is the whole set of coal processing production line, equipped with coal crusher, screening plant, belt conveyor and vibrating feeder. Coal crushing and screening plant is more flexible and more widely used than stationary coal crushers.

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