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Stone Material Introduction



The stone mineral aggregates, is the main material of the Earth's crust. stone can be made ​​from a mineral composition, such as limestone by only calcite, a mineral composition; may also be a variety of minerals such as granite from a variety of minerals such as quartz, feldspar, mica collection. Most of the material composition of stone  are inorganic substances.

stone crusher production line

Quarry stone production line and construction waste recycling equipment is manufactured for high quality aggregate production,recycling minerals. State-of-the-art equipment from SBM Machinery has the ability to reduce the size and volume of difficult-to-handle materials. Quarry stone production line and construction waste recycling equipment is manufactured for high quality aggregate production,recycling minerals. State-of-the-art equipment from SBM Machinery has the ability to reduce the size and volume of difficult-to-handle materials. State-of-the-art equipment from SBM Machinery has the ability to reduce the size and volume of difficult-to-handle materials.

crusher plant 150 tph-200 tph

production from Romania

stone crusher price

stone crusher plant


stone can be divided into three categories according to their causes,  probably we can be divided into main three categories: sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic.


The stone is distributed in India, China, South Africa, Germany, USA, Nigeria, Kenya, Indonesia, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Mexico, Peru, Malaysia, Zimbabwe, Brazil, Russia.


1 road pavement construction stone products: Advanced paved with neat stone road paved with semi-neat stone paved with irregular stone, conical stone.

2 bridge construction with major stone products: stone tablets, stone, square stone, coarse material stone veneer stone.

Other for architectural sculpture, such as stone, sandstone sculpture mining rock art, culture stone, sand products, and so on, can be collectively referred to stone. Sculpture, mainly for larger pieces of stone, artificial polish, modified, or even color, and so on.

Stone Processing

Usually in stone crushing plant, Jaw crusher is used as primary crusher machine, when big stones are crushed smaller by Jaw crusher; they are transferred to Impact crusher or Cone crusher for secondary or tertiary crushing, then go through the stone shaping machine for getting cubic size. Then use screening machine to screen out the suitable building aggregates, while the unsuitable stones return to the crusher machine for re-crushing.

We crush stones into small particles with diameter of 0-5-10-15-20-25-30-40-63-100mm;0-25mm can be used for building.0-40mm grain composition can be used for highway or road construction.22.4-63mm (some place are 31.5-50mm) can be used for railway construction.0-10mm can be best for ball mill in mining.

Stone crusher plant line

NO. Equipment Model Motor(KW) Number
  Hopper LC3000X4000   1
I Vibrating Feeder ZSW-420×110 15 1
II Jaw crusher PE-750×1060 110 1
III Impact crusher PF-1315 180 1
Vibrating screen 3YA2160 30 1
Total Power (KW) 335

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SBM Stone Crusher Project Video

Complete grinding mill line for active carbon in Russia Video

The stone crushing production line Dan Costea bought just for reselling to the project executive in Sf ntu Gheorghe in Romania.

BIMETAL Romania is a Romanian private company dealing with used machine tools. BIMETAL Romania mainly provides from Romanian market a various type of used and new machine tools, such as vertical lathes, gear hobbing machines, horizontal boring machines-facing lathes, CNC machines and many others. At the same time, they also buy big-size engineering construction machinery and equipments overseas for local construction company.

Stone Crusher Manufacturer

stone crusher pic

stone crusher pic

Chinese shanghai SBM Machinery are supplying wide range of stone crusher machine. Include:jaw crusher,cone crusher,impact crusher,mobile stone crusher,used stone crusher,small stone crusher,priamy stone crusher.

Aimed at the world band in the crushing and screening area, SBM has provided the most competitive products and service in the global construction , mining and Grinding field, which have become the primary choice in the stone crushing equipment area.

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The traditional methods of quarrying three types: diamond wire saw cutting method, Splitting method of high-pressure gas, and blasting method. Russian experts pointed out that Russia uses the most widely blasting, the lowest cost, but a lot of shortcomings. First of all, blasting resulted in 30% of the blocks become useless rubble and dust, and 70% relative block blocks of varying size, quality, and be on-site secondary processing;, 30% gravel waste emissions from large large increase in transportation costs and the impact on the ecological environment; blasting operations there is a big security risk, risk, need for skilled workers to operate.

Therefore, the Russian scholars view of this situation improved third quarrying methods. They use radio waves irradiation detonating dynamite fuse instead of the traditional or electronic fuse, the progressive initiation Ann into the rock hole explosives, thus gradually increase the pressure of the closed row of holes, until the high pressure to crack the rock. The key to this approach where radio wave illumination intensity and the number of primer reasonable match.

Technology Standard

Mechanical properties

barite stone image

barite stone image

The mechanical properties of a material to resist the vehicle load to the combined effects of the complex system of forces. In addition to the static pull, pressure, bending, shear and other tests to reflect the mechanical properties of the material, but also by abrasion, polishing, impact tests to reflect its performance.

Physical properties

Usually through the determination of the physical constants of the material, such as true density, bulk density, porosity, water content, etc. to understand the internal composition of the material, and must have the correlation between physical constants and mechanical properties, can be used to infer material mechanical properties.

The main factors affecting the material properties are temperature and humidity. Usually the material decreases with increasing temperature and humidity increase, the strength is reduced. Therefore, the determination of the temperature stability, water stability is one of the main indicators of performance of certain materials.

Chemical properties

The chemical properties of the material to resist a variety of ambient performance of its chemical action, road and bridge material in the surrounding medium (such as the erosion of the pier in the industrial wastewater), will lead to lower intensity; exposed to atmospheric factors (such as temperature alternately changes, ultraviolet rays in sunlight, oxygen in the air, water, etc.) the combined effect will be caused by the aging of the material, in particular, various organic materials (such as asphalt materials, etc.) is more significant.

Nature of the process

Stone production line process is the nature of the material suitable for the performance of the processing required by a certain process. For example, cement concrete mixture requires a certain degree of workability, for pouring. The nature of the stone production line material process is controlled by certain experimental methods and indicators.

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