Interpreting Service Conception with Actions
----Story of a Shibang Installation Engineer

“He was acclimatized, but he overcame it. He works diligently till 9 o’clock in night every day. He did not stop working even when his back muscles was sprained and after that, he insisted on training our workers…� This is a phone call that a service worker from Shanghai Shibang Machinery Co., Lmd. received as he began to work on September 7th. The client who reflected this information is from Australia, he said excitedly, “I must transfer this situation to your boss, I am extremely satisfied with this installation engineer!�

In the mining machinery industry in which competition is becoming more and more fiercely, we should pursue advantage of competition through not only the price comparation, but also the comparation of quality and service. Relatively speaking, service is a domain which can deeply reflect the running concept of a company. “Service Creates Value� is not only a watchword, it needs to be practiced with practical actions. And Shanghai Shibang Machinery co., lmd. is just in accordance with this concept and penetrates high grade service in practical actions constantly.

The phone call from Australia is only one of the acknowledgements Shibang has received and the installation engineer that the customer has reflected in his call is also just one of the hundreds of outstanding workers in Shibang. They work not only with techniques, but also with heartfelt feelings. Actions surpass promises, actions surpass remarks! The service team of Shibang exists every time from snowy cold winter to burning hot summer and everywhere from mountains & Gobi desert to rivers & seas. They are heading for every corner of the world with their service of high quality and they are also guarding the promises to customers with their practical actions

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