SBM industrial park - persistence and move in the snow

On December 14th 2010, Shanghai ushered its first winter snow, which we met by chance. Bringing us surprise, it caught us unprepared at the same time.

Early in the morning Shanghai Shibang Machinery Co., LTD industrial park’s staff, still as usual, began a day’s their orderly hard work.

Snowflakes were flying in the wind. Due to the suddenly drop in air temperature, the difficulty level of work, which was not easy at all, was increased again. Employees didn't stop, but fought harder against the weather. This state continued until night when next turn came. Employees often miss company serving dinner time due to the busy work, but they have no complaints. They still work in accordance with the procedure with patience, and strive to complete shipping guarantee during gold sales period

sbm working

Logistics back office force follow up, coordinate, and feedback whole process, even if the snow.

sbm working

Our stevedores were in a race against time, using all of their physical effort. Because of the high product demand, the containers fitted every day are in ten or more. In order to ensure timely and accurate shipping, they all had great sense of responsibility, and did not slacken their efforts in the slightest.

This is just an ordinary day of SBM industrial park employees 365 days. But they are playing uncommon move and persistence move every day.

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