SBM December manager standard meeting successfully concluded

On December 15 at 19:00, Shanghai Shibang Machinery Co., LTD held its December manager standard meeting in the multi-function hall of no.2 building at the company's headquarters. The company management committee, production center responsible, departments responsible, new employee representatives attended the meeting. The chairman on duty manager Du and manager Cui acted together as the host of the conference.

Operation director Liu reported the company operating condition of November from twelfth aspects. She indicated that November is a pleasant month. Whether selling market development, high value-added sales, or production, they all marked a new stage. Especially, just after the BMW exhibition, SBM shows an inevitable momentum of development. For the production, a few production bases created new records, to make sure of realization of this year's sales goals. In addition, in order to ensure safety and efficiency in production, the company optimized production environment and production process. For technology R&D, SBM showed not only development in new products, but also breakthrough of best-selling models such as the second generation new-style mobile crushing plant. The human resources has started a new round of recruitment, which is still aiming at doctor and master graduate students of Qinghua University, Beijing University and such domestic universities. More talented people will join in SBM in the near future.

Hinterher, the meeting circulated the implementation of decisions and feedback situation of November, and assigned relevant departments and responsible to carry out various departments reflection question.

Finally, the meeting circulated recent significant issues. This year's business goals are already around the corner. All staff highly motivated will strive for overfulfil annual targets with confidence.

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