The visiting of Chilean delegation

On Oct 21st, a Chilean delegation visited SBM, the marketing in Chile is starting to be promoted to a new step.

On Oct 21st, a Chilean group with totally 10 members have visited SBM, the group and SBM have had an better understanding with each other and discussed about the intent of further cooperation.

The members of this Chilean group are mainly the owners of the mining company, they come to do the research on the Chinese manufacturers, and looking for the business opportunities with each other.

On Oct 21st, in SBM’s meeting room, first SBM’s staff gave the presentation of Shanghai Shibang Machinery Co., Ltd. Mainly about the organization structure, history, culture, global marketing, sales value, product and supplying scope, service. Then the leader of the team have introduced every member in the team, and showed the data sheet of the economic growth in Chile, the cashflow of the investment from different industries, appears that the mining industry in Chile is growing fast and takes a bigger percentage of the total investment.

Then the group and SBM have discussed about the feasibility of the different business mode, and the future planning.

In the show room, SBM’s staff introduced all the machinery to every member, and they fully affirmed the technology and the quality of the machinery.

Finally, after know well about each other, and the situation of the economic in China and Chile, we agreed to keep in contact and start the cooperation in different fields.

It help you know more about our company.