Municipal Party Secretary of Qidong City, Jiangsu Province Inspected SBM, Held Joint Discussion on "One-Hour Economic Crcle" Development Plan

Sun Jianhua, the the municipal party secretary of Qidong city, Jiangsu province, inspect headquarters of Shanghai Shibang Machinery co., lmt. with his delegation on 15th September . Accompanied by the chairman, operation director, sales director, the delegation visited the sales center and R&D center. Afterwards, the two parts had a meeting in company's conference room and held a joint discussion on "One-Hour Economic Circle" development plan.

During the talks, Mr Sun made a detailed introduction of Qidong's general situation, development situation and future plan. He indicated that Qidong's congenital resource advantages and geographical advantages that Qidong is adjacent to Shanghai will bring into play more obviously as Chong-Qi bridge's cutthrough in 2011. One-hour economic circle of Shanghai-Qidong will further intensify the interaction between two cities. And in the future two years, Qidong is going to have an extreme important transformation development period while doing its best to develop the traditional industries.

Equipment manufacturing industry is the strong point traditionally all the time, however, high-end equipment manufacturing which springs up in recent years will lead the traditional manufacturing industry to change the development style. Mr. Sun speak highly of the team building and research and development input of SBM. He considered that as a high-end equipment manufacturing enterprise, SBM stand for the development direction of contemporary manufacturing industry. Meanwhile, he sufficiently affirmed SBM's development strategy of concentrating on business. " Diversification is a direction, but if we held it badly, the direction would move to other sides. I believe that you can build a centennial corporation undoubtedly in this professional and precise way."

As Mr. Sun introduced, next development program of Qidong is to become the equipment manufacturing base of Jiangsu province. On 8th September, 2010, State Council assigned high-end equipment manufacturing as one of the development directions of strategic rising industry and further cleared the important role of high-end equipment manufacturing in economic development. SBM, as the leading enterprise of mining machinery manufacturing industries, it will reinforce the strategic corporation with Qidong, and jointly promote the take-off of high-end equipment manufacturing industry of China.

Background information

Chong-Qi bridge begins from ChenJiaZhen, Chongming, realistic Shanghai Yangtze River Tunnel Bridge, south-north Nanjing-Nantong- Qidong highway. Its' overall lenghth is about 52 kilos, including the Yangtze river bridge with lenghth of 7.0 kilos. The line is a highway with six traffic lanes in two-way. The total investment is about 7.589 billion yuan. The line is scheduled to run through in 2011. It will add more strength to the "One-Hour Economic Circle" in Yangtze River delta.

Nantong, directly profited from the "One-Hour Economic Circle" in Yangtze River delta, has become the transportation hub and economic center. Furthermore, cities which is like Qidong will develop rapidly through the driving function of Nantong city. The shortened distance between cities will directly promote macroeconomic development and the prominent improvement of city ranking of central and northern Jiangsu Province.

At present, Nantong is conceiving a "small golden triangle". It regards shanghai as its center, and make Sanghai, Suzhou, Nantong as the member of the later-model city group which is formed on the basis of "One-Hour Traffic Circle".

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