Special Reports lecture By Economist Pro. Liu Wei In SBM (Aug 10, 2009)

What’s the root of behind the international financial crisis which that has swept over the world? Does it influence Chinese economy a lot? How should enterprises responserespond to it? And what is the driving force for sustainable development of individual and enterprise?

On August 10, Pro. Liu Wei, Chinese famous economist, president of the Economic Dep. of ZZU, and Director of MBA center, dilievered a speech on � Reasons of Financial Crisis& Solutions To It �. More than 30 people including Chairman of the Board and main leaders of SBM have attended the meeting. Chairman of the Board, department managers and SBM employees attended the meeting.

Pro. Liu said that the finacial crisis didn’t have much direct influence on China; however, it had and will have great and long-time indirect influence will have an long-lasting, indirect influence. Through analysizing rapid economic deeveloping mode after reforming and opening up the traditional mode of development that emphasizes only on GDP growth, Pro. Liu held that defects of urban-rual dual structure in the process of industrilization made Chinese economy highly depends on foreign trade. This has become the main obstraction of Chinese economic and political development. Chinese government has carried out many policies to enhance domestic needs and boost domestic consumer spending. Government hopes people take an active stance in facing the challenge and seizing opportunities in it. Formation of Urban-rural dual structure in the process of industrialization and reliance on exporting threat Chinese social and economic stability. Chinese government has begun to take measures to boost domestic expending. Therefore, enterprises should “emphasize on developing inner quality ?while exploring new market�. “This is the first thing we should do in facing international financial crisis.�

In the end, combining drawing on his own experience, Pro. Liu talked about the importance of belief faith to an individual or an enterprise. “The so-called belief or dream is not for materializing, but for guarding.? If we always have expectations dreams and persevere in our efforts, what does it matter even that it is not realized?�

All are greatly inspired by Prof. Liu’s speech and resolve to make their own contribution to the development of the company and the country. SBM will invite more influencial people come to give lectures or deliever speech to improve corprate culture and working staff’s comrehensive ability.

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